I decided to try somthing different this year. I have always loved video, and have made a large number of cheesy little movies in my time. I always wanted to bring this talent and my love of halloween together, but it was always to expensive to do looped film. However, now with video projectors, I get my wish. I projected onto my house this halloween from an upstairs window across the street.

The video was looping on my mac, out the firewire port and through my camera. The sound goes to the amp from there, and, using X10's DVD anywhere, I broadcasted the video the 120 feet to my neighbors upstairs window for projection. (Note: The DVD anywhere is now useless because it runs on 2.4 gigahertz which is now a popular frequency for wi-fi. For how I do this now, see the faq)

At the last minute I realized I needed something to project onto in the middle of my yard, so I threw together the mausoleum out of an old gate set piece I had in my attic, and a piece of cardboard. I also whipped up gravestones for my family out of 3 old gravestones for others (don't look at the back).

It turned out better that I could have imagined. Next year i'll have more time to implement my many other ideas for this setup, so watch this site.

FYI, the teeth and eye are mine. Also the ghosts are my family including my 8 months pregnant wife. She'll definately make me re-do the ghost part next year. =)