The night before Halloween I put together a small indoor display for my church's children's party. It included a repeat of the disembodied head. This time, the actor was on an office chair so he could move around and spin. For instructions on how to do this illusion, see the 1998 haunt.

Halloween night didn't go as well. I had some new neighbors move in across the street, and without ever experiencing my Halloween display, the lady wouldn't let me use their upstairs window as a projection booth. Oh well, you win some, you loose some.

Determined, I asked the next door neighbors if I could project from their backyard, and they were excited to help out. With a few days to go, I quickly built a 12 foot projection booth, and screwed it to my neighbors fence. I hurried and modified my entire movie for the new angle, and I was ready to go, or at least close

Halloween, however turned out to be super cold and a blizzard came in right at the time I was trying to get things working. I had some ventilation problems with the projector, because of my attempt to protect it completely from the snow. I ended up giving up for this year.

However, I still have a video of the mess

The movie of what happened with the snow with pictures of my projection booth.